45 minute drive to La Perla del Sur and Kokopelli tour offices in Sierpe.  Tour the natural beauty of Sierpe river channels and mangroves by boat.  The impressive mangrove forests are amazing and secluded beaches of Isla Violin are spectacularly beautiful.  You will be delighted with the variety and abundance of wildlife and birds. Often you can see howler and capuchin monkeys, crocodiles and alligators, blue herons, ibis and macaws.

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whales & dolphins

20 minute drive north to Bahia Aventuras tour office in Uvita.  Tour departs the office twice daily at 8:30am and 1:30pm.  The tour duration is approximately 4 hours and includes; bottled water, fruit snack, entrance to Ballena National Park, and snorkel gear.  

Humpack Whales visit the waters of Costa Rica and the Ballena Marine National Park between August-October (Southern Humpbacks) and again January-March (Northern Humpbacks).  

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alturas wildlife sanctuary

45 minute drive north towards Dominical.  Tours run Tuesday - Sunday, several times per day and duration is approximately 1 hour.  Cost is $15 for kids up to age 12, and $25 for kids 13+ and adults.    

Experience a rich variety of amazing wildlife Costa Rica has to offer.The Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is a non-profit organization.  There are new habitats for over 75 animals that are cared for by professional staff and a host of volunteers! The type and number of animals hosted at our sanctuary is constantly fluctuating.  Discover different animals from month to month. The tour is educational, entertaining and provides up close interaction with some of the most amazing and exotic animals found anywhere in the world.

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1 hour drive north towards San Isidro.  Parque Reptilandia is open every day from 9am - 4:30pm.  Entrance fee is $6 for kids up to age 14, $12 for kids 15+ and adults.  

Parque Reptilandia hosts the largest and most diverse presentation of Reptiles in Costa Rica. They can be examined safely from close-by and are beautifully exhibited, simulating their natural habitat as much as possible. Besides Snakes, Lizards, Turtles and Tortoises, we also have a small collection of Frogs - in all there are over 90 species represented. When strolling down the easy walking paths you can also enjoy the many beautiful plants and trees in the botanical garden.  

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10 minute drive to Tortuga beach.  FREE admission, donations welcome.  Reserva Playa Tortuga is active year-round with various activities, however the turtle nesting season is July - December, with the peak period being September & October.  During the nesting season the team (and volunteers) patrols the beach to locate turtle nests before poachers find them.  The eggs are relocated to the safety of the reserve and monitored until they hatch and the babies are ready to be released to the sea.  During the months of September & October it is possible to watch the baby turtles being released to the sea.

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30 minute drive north towards Dominical.  Hacienda Baru birdwatching tour is offered Monday - Saturday at 6:00am.  Reservations required, minimum 2 people.  

The Rainforest Bird Watching Hike begins just after daybreak. Your expert guide will take you through old cacao plantations and up into the rainforest. After a couple of hours of hiking and experiencing the early morning jungle, you will arrive at the campsite where you may observe birds at your leisure while your guide heats up and serves a delicious, typical Costa Rican breakfast. After breakfast you will hike through primary forest in search for the birds that forage in this particular habitat.  With a little luck, you will be rewarded with sightings of some of the more illusive birds such as: trogons, motmots, antshrikes, manakins, tinamous, curasows and others.